Bondi    Beach

Australia’s most famous beach! The chances are very high that you’ve seen this beach on TV/Postcards at least once in your life… probably wishing you were there! Make your way down to Bondi and enjoy this endless list of fun including: sun, beach, ocean, surfing, refreshing juices, smoothies, ice cream, snacks, cafe’s, shopping, barbeque’s, sunbathing,… Read More

Getting around in Sydney

Hi Sydney travelers! As you’ll probably know, every destination on this website will have a short explanation of how to get there, but we know using public transport in a bigger city isn’t always straight forward. To make traveling to all the amazing places in Sydney even easier, we updated ‘See the real Sydney’ by adding… Read More

Duff   Rerserve

Duff Reserve is one of Sydney’s secret parks, even for the locals hard to spot. A small and steep stairway takes you down to the park, which offers you a stunning view of the Harbor Bridge. It usually is a quiet spot, so great for some quiet and relaxing times!   Where: On Wolseley Road,… Read More

Hermitage Foreshore Walk 4

Most of you probably know the coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Cogee Beach. The walk is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth checking out! What most people don’t know, is that there are so many other walks in Sydney along the harbor and shoreline. Some of them take you to beautifully and quiet beaches and… Read More

Queens     Beach

Queens Beach is one of the amazing secret spots that offers you the gorgeous view of the city skyline. A narrow walking track and stone steps take you down to the beach from Queens Avenue. This beach is lovely, small and hidden from main roads. Relax in an peaceful but urban area away from the… Read More

Hermit   Bay

Hermit Bay is an other one of those amazing secret spots that offers you the gorgeous view of the city skyline. It has a beachy area where you can go for a swim and there’s a grass area, which is good for picnics or sports activities. The bay is often chosen for topless sunbathing or… Read More

Tingara   Beach

Just south of the Strickland House in Vaucluse, You’ll find little Tingara Beach. This is one of the smallest beaches to be found on the Hermitage Foreshore Walk, and a little bit harder to spot than the other beaches along the walk. Even on the beautiful and sunny days, you’ll have a chance to be… Read More

Milk Beach

One of the cute, little and secret beaches you will find along The Hermitage Foreshore walking track. It is a nice and quiet beach, with amazing views of the city skyline. The popular beaches in Sydney can get really busy in summer. If you want to get away from all the tourists and busy beaches,… Read More


This beautiful walk takes you from the Royal Batanic Gardens along Mrs Macquaries Chair and Mrs Macquaries Point. It gives you an amazing view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House at any time of the day. However, sunset is definitely the most amazing time of the day to walk around here! Get comfortable and… Read More

Circular Quay 4

Circular Quay is one of the best places to be in the harbour of Sydney. It’s a busy and vibrant place at any day of the week. There are ferries and busses leaving every minute, which makes Circular Quay a great point to start your journy to any attraction or area in Sydney. While you’re there,… Read More