Australia’s most famous beach! The chances are very high that you’ve seen this beach on TV/Postcards at least once in your life… probably wishing you were there! Make your way down to Bondi and enjoy this endless list of fun including: sun, beach, ocean, surfing, refreshing juices, smoothies, ice cream, snacks, cafe’s, shopping, barbeque’s, sunbathing, girls in bikini, guys in shorts and maybe you’ll even get to meet the world famous crew of ‘Bondi Rescue’! (warning: swim between the flags and stay safe to make sure you don’t meet them in a less comfortable situation of course ;) ).

Although summer is probably the best time of the year to visit, definitely don’t let colder weather scare you off to go down to Bondi Beach. Expect a great experience during the ‘Winter Magic‘ events, which includes attractions like an ice rink on the middle of the beach! To give you an idea of the major events that are on during the year, we have listed some fun ones below:

You’ve seen the beach, went for a swim, worked on your tan, what to do now? We might have some ideas for you!

  • Ice-cream dream: You can’t leave Bondi without trying some gelato from the famous Messina! We’re sure you know what we’re talking about…
  • Shop till you drop: Campbell Parade (the main street), has some great shops, but for the real deal, try Gould Street to shop and look like the locals. Not as busy as the main strip, more boutique shops, an organic supermarket and some cafe’s.
  • Rehydrate and re-energize: For a coffee and a fun local bookstore-cafe experience, go down to Gertrude&Alice. Try The Atlas Kiosk for a great Chai Latte. Try Gusto Espresso Bar if you want a coffee that is just made ‘the right way’.
    An other great thing about Bondi Beach that you’re always close to a place where you can get a great fresh Juice or smoothie.. perfect on a warm day!
    More in the mood for something stronger? Enjoy the great views from Bondi Icebergs while sipping on a glass of wine or a beer (also great for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack). Grab a nice wine with some beautiful cheese at The Shop & Wine bar. If you prefer to hang around the beach, The Bucket List is a great spot for some drinks or a cheeky cocktail.
    Staying out a bit later? Continue the party and finish the night off at Beach Road Hotel.
  • Yummy in your tummy: First of all, get a good spot and try out one of the barbeque’s around the beach! This might get tricky in summer, but definitely worth it! No spots left, or just in the mood to sit down and be served? Bondi is full of restaurants and cafe’s with something for everyone!
    Try Mamasan if you want to mix in with the locals, Mamasan serves Asian tapa’s like you’ve never had before, an absolute local favorite! Also great if you’re thirsty, try the best Sake’s and yummy cocktails.
    Try Mad Pizza if you’re in the mood for some Italian food. For the best fish and chips go down to Bondi’s Best Seafood. If you have a bigger budget, an absolute favorite is Seans Panaroma. Just want a quick bite but not too greasy? Sabbaba is a must-try!
  • Go organic: If you want to mix in with the real Bondi locals, go organic! Try The Hill Eatery for great ‘honest’ food with a nice twist, breakfast/lunch/dinner (our personal favorite!). Don’t forget to stop by The Organic Bakery for some fresh organic rolls. Take the organic feel home and shop at Earth Food Store.

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