Duff   Rerserve

Duff Reserve is one of Sydney’s secret parks, even for the locals hard to spot. A small and steep stairway takes you down to the park, which offers you a stunning view of the Harbor Bridge. It usually is a quiet spot, so great for some quiet and relaxing times!   Where: On Wolseley Road,… Read More

Hermit   Bay

Hermit Bay is an other one of those amazing secret spots that offers you the gorgeous view of the city skyline. It has a beachy area where you can go for a swim and there’s a grass area, which is good for picnics or sports activities. The bay is often chosen for topless sunbathing or… Read More


The Royal Botanic Gardens are 30 hectares of nature in the middle of Sydney City. It is such a nice place to escape the busy streets in the city, and enjoy a relaxing walk or pick-nick. With lots of different plants, flowers and other things around to see, you won’t get bored. Walk down to… Read More